About Us

Greenbriar motors is the Auto Broker that prides itself on negotiating the best deals, period for our customers on any available new or used vehicle. We save you time and money with our car buying services. Greenbriar Motors specializes in finding the right vehicle for you and our knowledgeable staff will get you the Vehicle you want at an Internet Fleet Price… We can use our network to get you a special deal on any available vehicle off any of the car lots in the surrounding area.

     Whether you are planning to buy now or will be buying in the future, Greenbriar Motors offers a hassle-free and convenient process in finding your vehicle with our Quality Brokering Services. Plus, our Sales Team will make sure you are 100% happy with the whole process. Our quality, sales and satisfied customers prove it! Just describe to us your vehicle, options, and color requirements; then we will go to work for you. We serve any customer who needs a vehicle at a great price and/or needs to sell a current vehicle as well. Greenbriar Motors definitely offers the “Best Deals By A Greenbriar Motors.”

Store Hours

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